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LifeCell Skin Cream

Hi, I'm Jane! Like most women, when I entered my thirties, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes and mouth and a couple of unattractive splotches. I was still a young vibrant woman and I figured with today’s technological advancements, there must be products out there that would ensure my youth and vibrancy could be reflected on my face as well… and without breaking the bank. 

So I went in search of anti-wrinkle products that would help me. After months of researching dozens online forums, message boards and blogs and of trial and error (I quickly discovered 95% of anti-wrinkle products don’t work or have harmful side effects),  here are the three products I found that were by far the most effective:

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Lifecell Skin Reviews

If you’re looking for an alternative to plastic and laser surgery, Botox injections, or even collagen shots, LifeCell Skin Care claims to be the solution.

It says that is geared to make your wrinkles, age spots, dark circles, puffy eyes, and any other lines seemingly disappear.  Even if someone is scanning you over up close, they should be unnoticeable according to their Marketing claims.


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See, these are the claims you hear from this company, especially when reading paulaabdulover their hyped up website.  If you read it over yourself it would be easy to believe that this is a complete scam.  Just take a look at the so called “secret formula” all the big named celebrities are taking advantage of and looking extremely younger.

This of course led me to researching the company on the Internet where I found South Beach Skincare.  When you reach the homepage, Dr. Janet Allenby (I have no idea who that is) recommends LifeCell Skin even though she is a plastic surgeon.  While it’s odd that a plastic surgeon would promote something that would help her lose business, some blogs out there mention that she doesn’t even exist.  However, you know how blogs are, so I took this finding with a grain of salt.

Does LifeCell Skin Care work? Obviously the best way to figure it out is by using it and seeing what happens.  Then again, before I ever jump into a new product, I email the company and ask all kinds of questions.  Whether it’s about the customer service, the testing behind the product or anything else that would make me feel comfortable.  When I emailed LifeCell, it took them about 2 hours to respond.

So long story short, I ended up whipping out the Visa and ordered their free trial package.  I only had to pay a small shipping and handling fee to get the product shipped and it said that my credit card wouldn’t be charged until 30 days after the purchase date. This was confirmed on the credit card statement. Even purchasing this on the weekend, it only took 3 days to reach my doorstep. So the first impression was good…


Understanding How it Works

Back in 1998, something called Nitric Oxide was discovered by three scientists.  All three were previous winners of the Nobel Prize.  If you search for Nitric Oxide you will find well over three thousands articles and published papers on the topic.  The idea behind it is that it’s supposed to dilate the capillaries and increase your overall circulation to the skin.  Obviously this brings new life to your skin and creates a healthier you.

Since we can’t use a straight dose of Nitric Oxide to the skin, a compound must be used, which is called Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic acid.  While the results can vary from one individual to another, the South Beach Skincare research shows that individuals can gain a “healthy glow” with only five days worth of applications.  Above all else D3PA is considered to be the best natural antioxidant that we know about today.

LifeCell also uses something called IDEBENONE.  It’s another antioxidant that is well above the rest.  It is most commonly referred to as a protective shield for the skin.  This means your skin will be able to reflect harmful environmental damage, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Plus, it is able to moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated.

While I still have my skeptical thoughts on research and scientific matter, the biggest material that stands out is that these ingredients keep my skin from being damaged.  Since I have sensitive skin (and I mean very sensitive), this is an extremely important factor.


Here’s a little video recording from the day when Lifecell was shipped:



The End Result

What it comes down to is LifeCell is considered to be an all in one package.  It is supposed to be an anti wrinkle cream, a moisturizer, be able to firm up the skin, reduce age spots, help the issues around your eyes, plus has a lip-plumper and makeup base.

The first day I tried it, I was about as close to a mirror as you can get when applying the facial cream.  Oddly enough, I watched as the skin soaked up every last drop.  The feeling had a deep penetration that left a warm, tingling feeling on my face.  Granted it was a little awkward at first, but my face wasn’t used to this type of benefit.  In the end, it took all of about ten minutes to watch my wrinkles and crow’s feet be reduced in size (type of an instant lifting effect).

LifeCell’s all in one cream leaves a silky texture on your skin, and doesn’t give you a greasy feel.  While all this sounds great, the most important aspect for me was that my skin didn’t get irritated or accumulate a ridiculous amount of blemishes in the process.

One thing to understand is it took about 3 weeks to see a significant change.  After a little over a month my husband and a bunch of friends started complimenting me on my complexion.  The point is, it turned out to be a product that actually worked and did everything it said it was supposed to do.


  • All-in-one ant-aging skin care product (Anti-Wrinkle-Cream, Firming-Cream, 24-Hour Moisturizer, Age-Spot Reducer, Corrective Under-Eye Treatment, Lip-Plumper and Makeup Base)
  • Easy to use
  • Non-greasy cream
  • Did not break out face
  • Safe for sensitive skin types
  • Long term Anti-aging effect reported
  • Free of animal testing
  • 30 free trial (no money down, shipping and handling is just $1.95 with link below)
  • Full 120 days money back guarantee (unheard of for wrinkle creams!)
  • Easy return request form if the product doesn’t meet your expectations and you want to return it
  • Fast shipping- security verified web orders


  • Expensive compared to other anti-wrinkle creams, but it covers much more products all-in-one
  • Their website looks a little hyped up with all the Hollywood celebrities (which might turn people off like it did when I visited the site the first time)


Where to buy LifeCell Skin

Whether you are from US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy or any other place in the world the safest way to order the free trial is from the official site. They not only offer the free LifeCell Skin trial, but also a 120 days Money-back Guarantee which you don’t get anywhere else (even not
if buying through Amazon or other online skin stores). The use the latest secure techniques on their checkout page.


Overall Recommendation

Even though it costs a little more upfront, everything is jam packed into the LifeCell Skin product.  The online community has reported outstanding results with this product – and that’s all that really matters.  This is the top recommendation wrinkle cream in 2011.

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Extra Saving Tip: Here’s a little trick to save 80% shipping cost: Click this link here, once you get to the LifeCellSkin website try to close the browser window, a popup will appear and you can get the free trial shipped at $1.25 instead of $6.95.



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May 21, 2012

ALMA POWELL @ 5:12 pm #

I did enjoy and appreciate the trial shipment of LifeCell. I did NOT expect miracles, of course, for I am a 90-year ‘young’ lady…. not TOO many wrinkles….but like all of us, we want less. However, I must say, there is somewhat of a difference and, I know, that with continued use, there would be still more improvement.. I shall be unable to order more for I am on a VERY LIMITED income. The Elite Skin and the Wrinkle Creams, etc. I know would help also, but since I do not have TOO many years to go, I will just have to ‘put up’ with the wrinkles. ( I did tell my ‘kids’ I was going to live a few more years, until……100 plus, just to torment them!)

Thank you very much!

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