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Hi, I'm Jane! Like most women, when I entered my thirties, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes and mouth and a couple of unattractive splotches. I was still a young vibrant woman and I figured with today’s technological advancements, there must be products out there that would ensure my youth and vibrancy could be reflected on my face as well… and without breaking the bank. 

So I went in search of anti-wrinkle products that would help me. After months of researching dozens online forums, message boards and blogs and of trial and error (I quickly discovered 95% of anti-wrinkle products don’t work or have harmful side effects),  here are the three products I found that were liked by many people:

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Dermagist / DermaJuv Cream Reviews

Can you imagine being able to grow new skin molecules like a baby?  Well, that’s the claim the producer of  a product called Dermajuv/Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System make, thanks to their latest innovations.  Is it really one of the hottest anti wrinkle products on the market today? I was excited to do the research for this anti-wrinkle cream to find out what consumers say about this product. Dermajuv recently changed their name to Dermagist to reflect the increased range of beauty, anti-aging and acne products.

So what is the Dermagist / Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System?

The easiest way to explain it is that Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System is a basic wrinkle cream.  The idea is to attack your aging signs by using 3 various formulas.  All three have been specifically designed and created by scientists of the Dermagist Company. As a Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System customer you  getan instruction sheet as well as 3 bottles of their product.  Make sure you utilize the instructions since it’s a step by step process.

Seriously, having this information ahead of time and the ease of the process was nice and it is not very common.

What You Receive

Once everything is right in front of you, there is a bottle of Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, a bottle of the Dynamic Age Defying Serum, and a bottle of the Instant Effect Lifting Serum.

The Way Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System Works

Obviously I don’t want to overwhelm you, so here is a quick summary of how DCRS works.  You simply use the cream for two days.  The idea is that this time actually prepares the skin for the other two formulas.  One thing you need to understand is that this system is specifically designed for severe wrinkles, lines, and age spots. Each and everyday you have to provide your skin with two applications.  However, it isn’t until the third day that the Age Defying Serum and Instant Lifting Serum are used.

When the moisturizing takes place, it deeply penetrates the skin and set it up for the other two formulas.  Once consumers used the Instant Lift Serum some of them reported to see instant effect and feeling much younger. Ideal for an evening out.

The End Results

Even though you need to use all three formulas to receive the maximum results, consumers were very pleased after using the first two formulas already.

How fast can you see results?

A big number of consumers reported to notice visible results by day three.  Some people saw their skin tone, color, and texture begin to bring about a younger appeal after applying all three formulas.

It’s also important to realize that the instant effects you see actually stay there, unlike other products that fade after a few hours (like Athena 7 Minute Lift).

Any weak points?

Unfortunately it’s not like a supplement where you take it in the morning and you’re done.  Applications need to be adhered to (1 time in the morning and once in the evening), which means you have to stick with it.  A woman reported that she got the Instant Lifting Serum in her eye and it stung.  So make sure you’re careful when applying this around the eyes.


- Significantly reduces wrinkle depth and length
- Instant Results beginning on day 3
- Collagen and Cell Re-growth at the DNA level- Removes redness, and shrinking of pores.
- Leaves skin looking younger and healthier
- Encourages your skin to heal itself
- 30 Day money back guarantee
- Downloadable clinical results supporting its effectiveness


Guarantees and Returns

All the Dermajuv products have a money back guarantee that lasts 30 days.  While this will give you plenty of time, you probably want to know whether or not they actually honor it.  In order to figure this out I went on to their live chat with the customer service and acted like we wanted a refund.  They were extremely friendly and provided all the information to make it happen.  So if for some reason you need to return it, you can.


Overall Opinion

Okay if you were rating this from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System is a 4.5.  Without overdoing it, I found a lot of raving fans who just love the product.

How does it compare to LifeCell Skin the current winner?

Both are equal when it comes to getting a younger looking skin. Lifecell is easier to use as it is 3 in 1 product compared to the Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System where you have to stick to a plan and use different formulas at different times. Plus Lifecell offers a 30 day free trial and a 120 day money-back guarantee. These are the main reasons why Lifecell rankes slightly better than Dermagist. (You can read the LifeCell Skin Reviews here).



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is the product best suited in country like Saudi arabia where the weather is exteme. Its either too cold in the winter or too hot during summer?

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