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Hi, I'm Jane! Like most women, when I entered my thirties, I started noticing fine lines around my eyes and mouth and a couple of unattractive splotches. I was still a young vibrant woman and I figured with today’s technological advancements, there must be products out there that would ensure my youth and vibrancy could be reflected on my face as well… and without breaking the bank. 

So I went in search of anti-wrinkle products that would help me. After months of researching dozens online forums, message boards and blogs and of trial and error (I quickly discovered 95% of anti-wrinkle products don’t work or have harmful side effects),  here are the three products I found that were liked by many people:

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Dermitage Review

The Dermitage anti aging system claims to be better then Botox for younger, firmer, wrinkle free skin. That you can defy age and the natural passing of time in a sensible way, by using their two step program. Billing itself as a revolutionary product guaranteeing to cure your ills no matter what they are is nothing new, however many products fall well short of living up to their claims. Does Dermitage? Continue reading to find out what our research into this product has uncovered.

The company itself Dermitage does not currently have a rating with the BBB, it does however have listings on several similar sites. With complaints from users, primarily pertaining to the free trial offer. Since they were either unable, or forgot to cancel the service in time and ended up getting charged. Overall though, Dermitage still seems to have a decent reputation.

How does it work?

The Dermitage two step system is made up of a lifting cream and a skin renewal cream which is applied after the lifter. The first part of the system, the Instant Lifting Creme works to smooth out wrinkles in common areas, and overall encourages brighter and healthier looking skin. The second part, the Skin Renewal Complex reinvigorates tired skin, and works to repair the effects of aging as a whole. To do this, these products use two primary ingredients, which are:

  • Microcollagen: Despite the name, it is actually a synthetic collagen. When used on your skin it replenishes the collagen your skin needs to maintain a healthy, younger appearance. It is made to fight back those wrinkles which appear as you age.
  • Rejuvaline: This part is used to treat fine lines, dark spots and to a degree age spots on your skin. Its main function however is to slow the actual aging process of your skin.

Currently the Dermitage anti aging system is priced at 89.95 for the auto renewal service, which may offer you the cheapest means of getting the product. As via other sources then the main site it seems to be more expensive, and may not be officially affiliated with the Dermitage company. As it is offered only in limited quantities currently by the manufacturer. And while they do offer a 100% risk free 14 day trial, you need to be careful to ensure you cancel this service or you will end up being charged anyway.

User Experiences

Most users who have used the Dermitage anti aging system consistently have reported that they had some noticeable improvements, not only the appearance of less wrinkles but the tone and feel of their skin as well.

However, those whom it worked for used it for 30 days or longer for the most part. Whether that’s because it takes that long to see defined results or not is uncertain, however there is a wealth of before and after pictures available which gives you an idea of what to expect in how much time.


  • Lots of testimonials and before and after pictures
  • Proven clinical trial which had good results
  • Does seem to have good long term benefits
  • 14 day free trial


  • A bit expensive for most
  • The Synthetic collagen may be irritating to some skin types

The conclusion

Our conclusion with Dermitage anti aging, is that it seems to be a good product. And it has been proven to work in many cases, you just have to be mindful of things like the free trial. Since that whole process is fairly tricky, intentionally so or not. An 14 days is not enough to see real results.

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